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Award Winners and Stand Out Actors!

Award Winners and Stand Out Actors!

Award Winners and Stand Out Actors!

At We’ve Got Talent, as you would expect, we follow the worlds of TV and film with a very keen eye. And this last few weeks, we have had the 70th Emmy Awards as well as some fantastic dramas on TV.

We are currently loving the on-screen adaptation of Vanity Fair on ITV and of course, we have been following closely the goings on in The Bodyguard too. Killing Eve has ignited debate in the We’ve Got talent office as well, something that we enjoy.

Two Big Roles

It was the thrilling and captivating ‘Killing Eve’ that got the office talking, in particular about the wardrobe of the lead character Villanelle, played by the wonderful Jodie Comer.

But we found the performance of Sandra Oh particularly captivating and successful too. Some actors are blessed with a diverse acting career whereas others choose to stay in one or two specific genres.

In some ways, you could describe Sandra Oh along similar lines. You will know here best from playing Dr Christina Yang for 10 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. She had made the transition to MI5 agent well so much so, that she earned an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

And Sandra Oh is by no means the only actor to have taken on two big roles and made them her own.

Brian Cranston will be known by many as the meth-cooking anti-hero in the cult hit Breaking Bad but was the complete opposite as the goofy dad in Malcolm in the Middle.
Julianna Margulies’s outstanding performance in The Good Wife is by no means her only amazing portrayal on screen. She was nurse Carol Hathaway on ER, the American series that launched the careers of many, the young George Clooney included – whose character Doug was Carol Hathaway’s love interest – leaving the series in 2006 around the same time Clooney departed too.

All of these actors have been nominated for many awards and we love an award ceremony.

And so the 70th Emmy Awards had our interest this last week or so.

The Emmy Awards

Unfortunately, Sandra Oh didn’t win the coveted prize. It went to Claire Foy for her rather fantastic portrayal of a young Queen Elizabeth in the Netflix series ‘The Crown’ – something many of the team binged watched!

The Emmys also gave us;

* Welsh actor Mathew Rhys won the Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series gong for his portrayal of an undercover Russian spy in ‘The American’s. If you can catch up with this, we highly recommend it.
* The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story won in the Outstanding Director for a Limited Series category. You might still find this on BBC iPlayer and is certainly worth a watch.
* Game of Thrones won the Outstanding Series of 2018, something that will delight GoT fans, beating off stiff competition in the shape of ‘The Crown’ and ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’.

Extras and Supporting Actors

Of course, none of these TV films and serials would have possible without all the background people – the runners and assistants – as well as the extras and walk on artists.

And then there are the supporting actors, the people whose acting talent needs to be even more diverse and versatile than that of the lead actor.

What do you think the big hits of 2018 have been so far?

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