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background artiste, actors and extra hire LiverpoolWe HAVE the Best Talent in Liverpool!

Performers, walk-on artists, stuntmen and women, musicians, models, presents and extras for hire in Liverpool

A city of half a million people, Liverpool has been transformed many times over the centuries. The rise and decline of raw industrialism have left its scars but once again, the city rises triumphantly from the landscape.

A city full of talent and culture, it has a strong growth strategy driving it on to bigger, better things.

So it’s no surprise that we have a growing number of talented artists and performers in Liverpool choosing to work with us.

As a result, we have worked with leading TV companies, film production units and theatre
companies to supply experienced performers across a range of TV, commercials and theatre work.

Bursting on to the scene in 2009, we haven’t looked back here at We’ve Got Talent. We are a leading talent agency, and a firm favourite with clients, we work repeatedly with big-name studios, independent producers, PR agencies, advertising agencies, theatre companies and more.

Why ‘We’ve Got Talent’ is the go-to agency

There are many reasons why clients come back to us time and time again. And we’ll guarantee you’ll be impressed when your hire extras and actors from us;

• Quality – everything about our agency oozes quality, from the talented people we have on our database to how your project is handled.

• Reliable, on time and experienced – we understand the tight schedule that film and theatre projects often run to. That’s why we ensure the actors, musicians and performers hired in Liverpool are fully briefed before they arrive. Our staff are consummate professionals too, arriving on time and are reliable.

• Customer service – hiring extras or musicians, finding dancers or singers, hiring a crowd and so on is just one task of many in a production. How easy would it be knowing you have the right people, turning up at the right time with just one phone call? That’s all it takes with We’ve Got Talent.

• Value for money – we also understand that the budget is limited and so we work within it, without compromising on value for money.

• Range of projects – we have worked on a range of projects, supplying extras in Liverpool for films, TV serials, commercials, music videos, training videos and more. Our hire a crowd service is also popular with production companies.

Hire extras, actors, performers in Liverpool with one phone call

Everything from costume period dramas to modern, contemporary productions is well within the capabilities of our talented performers, extras, actors, stuntmen and women.

We are growing our pool of talent all the time too, so choice of who and what you want with us is increasing.

To find out more, call the We’ve Got Talent team on 0844 800 0071 with more details about your Liverpool project. We HAVE the best talent for your project, guaranteed!

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