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Hiring extras for TV, theatre, film and commercials!

We’ve Got Talent offers a unique service making the process of hiring extra’s, background performers, supporting artists and rent a crowds simple and hassle free. We understand the challenges for production companies when working through a project and we try to do our little bit to make the task of arranging supporting artists that little bit easier with simple, easy to manage hiring charges…The “Chit” is dead, long live the simple life!

With a data base of more than 15,000 performers, actors, supporting artist, extras and event staff there is no question of our ability to find the people that you need. Maybe it’s just faceless people in a crowd or a supporting artist with several lines. Whatever you need we will have it covered. Our services include rent a crowd where we can arrange as many people as you want to arrive on location at any time night or day. Our Rent a Crowd service has been used on may PR Stunts, world record attempts, TV, commercials and movies with clients hiring as many as 2,000 people for one shot.

Background extras supplied for Fool Britannia

We thoroughly enjoy all the work we do and have been providing extras since 2009 and have worked with some fabulous people on amazing projects. One of the really fun activities that sticks out in our minds was working with the hilarious Dom Joly for his prank show Fool Britannia.

We were challenged with sourcing a beautiful female to be the assistant during a cooking prank set in an Edinburgh retail centre. The supporting artist we provided had to tick certain boxes with the production company which included the need to be attractive, be able to keep a straight face during the failed cookery session and confidently engage with the unsuspecting general public as they unwittingly joined in with show.

The premise of the 5 minute sketch was that Dom Joly was a successful chef when in fact he was way out of his depth desperately scrambling to impress the general public. The hook was Dom’s idiotic behaviour by picking up a red hot pan without oven gloves followed by the huge screams of pain and despair.

The beautiful assistant had to play a long and imitate concern and shock at what he was doing while the cameras filmed the reactions of the crowd.

Lisa was our brilliant supporting extra that day and she loved every minute of it. Lisa said “It was without doubt the most fun I have ever had on a set. Dom was such a gentlemen, extremely funny and a joy to work with. “ Extras are usually hanging around for long periods of time but on this occasion Lisa was in the thick of what was basically a live performance with only one take allowed. No pressure then!

How to hire supporting artists and background extras for TV!

Its all so very easy, we are committed to reinventing how extras are booked to make the process easy not only for the production companies but also the actors and performers themselves. To learn more, pick up the phone, we will find out your requirements and have some costings over to you very quickly. If you prefer, we love receiving emails so feel free to fire your details over to us!

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