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you want to be a screen writer

Become a Screenwriter!

Become a Screenwriter!

Every TV series, every film, every soap opera episode starts life in the same way – as a seed in the creative mind of a screenwriter.

A screenwriter is the person who puts the words in the actor’s mouth, the actor adding the emotion to bring the words on the page to life.

Words can make someone cry, smile and laugh. They can make an audience despair, live the scene with the actor, empathising and sympathising. Your words can pick an audience up and dash them back down.

In other words, the screenwriter writes the dialogue that brings emotions alive. And you could be that person whose idea becomes a hit TV series, a moving soap opera episode or the film that everyone is talking about.

And here’s how;

#1 Grab a BIG notebook

Actually, you will probably need more than one to put down all those ideas. It could be a title for a movie that sums it all up or paragraphs that explain the idea behind a moving TV serial.

Or you may keep a list of books you would like to turn into a script…

Developing a library of material and ideas takes time to build and it is something that you will never stop doing.

#2 Network

Writing in isolation may sound ideal but it doesn’t get your ideas out there and it won’t get them made into a film.

From honing your art with a local am-dram society to signing up to free workshops often held by production companies and broadcasters such as the BBC. You will not only get a better understanding of how screenwriting and filming work, but you’ll get the inside track on how to submit your work to production companies.

#3 Look for commercial opportunities

From writing scripts for commercials and adverts to training videos to working with smaller, independent film producers – sometimes called indie films – you may catch the bigger break you have been looking for.

Do you need an agent?

Established screenwriters will often have agents to field the many calls for their services but to also seek out new opportunities.

However, agents tend to come on board when a writer is established with deals pending etc. Most screenwriter will start their professional career without an agent and some writers continue without one.

They may work closely with an editor or work with the production company and their team of in-house writers to craft the final script.

In summary

As a screenwriter you need to;

  • Have plenty of ideas
  • Meet the right people
  • Present your work in the right way – consider attending a screenwriting course and buy into a piece of screenwriting software
  • Practice your pitch – including the intro email or letter, complete with a sharp synopsis of what your film or TV serial is about
  • Meeting strategy – have your own system for handling meetings and what you want to get from them

If you have great ideas and a strong script, you could be the writer of the next award-winning film! And why not?

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