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Film Industry Terms – E

Film Industry Terms – E

Film Industry Terms – E

In this long term series, we reach the fifth letter of the alphabet taking a look at some of the more common film industry terms that start with E.

Edit or editing

This is the process that produces the final cut of the film and the product that audiences will see. An editor will select, put together, arrange, collate, trim and structure the final films using the final takes. There will be a sequence to which they will work so that the final movie looks like the directors and producers want it to.


This is the shortening of a plot. If we lived every second of a character’s life, we would struggle to keep films to a watchable length – anything from an hour and a half up to three hours – and so ellipsis is used. A director will do this in many ways such as fading, dissolving or what’s called a jump cut. The audience will make essential connections as they watch the story unfold.


Also known as the closing credits, this is the list of people who are involved in the process of making a film or TV production.

Enfant terrible

This is a French phrase which literally translated means terrible baby. It is used to describe a brilliant and young director who is also known for being egotistical and brash. Steven Spielberg’s first film in 1974 The Sugarland Express starring Goldie Hawn but it was Jaws the following year on which he really made his mark. Some described him as enfant terrible for the way in which he did away with many of the film making ‘norms’ of the day.  Some would argue he never stopped…


A film described as an ‘epic’ is one that is bigger in scope and dramatic production than the ‘norm’. Often portraying a spectacle in history, there are many examples including the 1959 film version of Ben Hur, as well as war films, such as The Longest Day (1962), and those base on significant historical episodes such as The Fall of the Roman Empire (1964). Modern films can be epics too including Titanic (1997) and The Lord of the Ring films.


This is a self-contained segment. Although we associate this TV serials and productions, it is a term that can also be used in film-making too.

Executive producer

This is the person who oversees the entirety of the film making process, especially finances. They arrange everything from screenwriter to budgets.

Experimental film

Also referred to as an indie film, this is a film that is not driven by profits at the box office but about pushing the boundaries of not just how films are made, but all other aspects including how music is used (as well as the style), how the film is shot, editing techniques and so on.

Eyeline match

This is where a cut is made between two shots that give the illusion that the character in the first shot is looking at the object in the second shot.

These are just a few of the film and production techniques that start with the letter E. As an actor or extra, you may come across them as you work with a client. Join us for the next instalment where we looking at terms beginning with F.

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