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Halloween Actors

Halloween Costume Actors

How We Can Help You Find The Right Actors and Performers

We were recently contacted by Exbury Gardens to help put together a team of staff for their very popular Halloween Ghost train event. The sold-out event took place over a few days at the end of October and we needed the right team for the event.

Finding the perfect character performers

We spoke to the client about their needs and they told us they had very specific criteria for the ghostly actors they wanted. We ran castings and found actors, most with stage experienced and all six could cover the 7-day event that all were:

–              Experienced actors

–              Able to learn the script in advance

–              Attend a rehearsal in advance of the event taking place.

Extra Needs

Due to the current risk of Covid-19 and everything surrounding this, there were also additional needs to help this event run smoothly. We know that any event that attracts groups of people has to take into account social distancing and health and safety guidelines as much as possible.

We worked with each actor to ensure that they were up to date with the latest government guidelines surrounding Covid-19 and the restrictions this had in place. We also needed to find actors that were able to do their own makeup/face paint so that they could stay completely distanced from as many people as possible.

How Did It Go?

We were able to find 6 highly-trained professionals to attend the event. The event itself sold out which meant that 49 ghost train journeys departed from Exbury Central Station throughout the event and every one was supported by our competent team of 6 in a safe way.

If you’re looking to host any sort of event and want to make sure it runs smoothly and safely then get in touch with us today to discuss your needs. We’ll work with you to source the right team of people and help your event go without a hitch.

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