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Hire experienced actors from We’ve Got Talent

Hire experienced actors from We’ve Got Talent

Hire experienced actors from We’ve Got Talent

Hiring the right actors for your production is incredibly important. It’s a mind field out there so at We’ve Got Talent we want to give you three good reasons why we are the best casting agency to work with.

We are fortunate to have access to more than 20,000 actors and support artists so can say with confidence that we can find the performers that have the right look and experience for your next project.

We have the experience and understand the importance of getting this right

Having worked with major production companies, PR agencies and smaller independent film makers we understand that everyone has a different approach and ideas about what they want from not only the talent but also a casting agency.

Our mindset from the get go is to learn exactly what the role you are casting for is all about. Once we understand this we can then open castings specific to each role and the area you are filming. This means we do not need to flood you with hundreds of options but actors and background artists we feel actually match the brief you have given us.

The projects we have been privileged to work on have included (but are not limited to)….
• Models for catwalk
• Production companies for television films, dramas and soaps
• Music videos for a whole host of different music genres
• PR stunts
• Radio and TV adverts
• Training videos

Access to thousands of actors across the UK

We have over 20,000 actors and support artists registered on our database. Our database has a wide range of age and race so arranging the best match for your project is not a challenge for us.

As explained we will narrow down the search to your specific requirement and then present you with profiles, bio’s and showreels to help you with your decision.

Making it a simple process to hire actors and support artists

Have a chat with us here at We’ve Got Talent. We don’t push and we don’t hassle as we know you simply want us to do our job and find you the talent quickly and understand your requirements.

So, that’s exactly what we do!

If you simply want to make a tentative enquiry about hiring actors then no problem, we want to help you so contact us about anything.

Once we have sourced the talent you need we want you to feel comfortable with actually taking the next step and hiring the actors. You can be confident that…
• We’ve Got Talent is a casting agency with a vast amount of experience.
• We have a professional and considerate approach to how we operate.
• Easy to understand fee’s with complete transparency and no hidden surprises.

Quote for hiring actors and support artists

If you want to learn more or obtain a quotation for actors then please get in touch with us here at We’ve Got Talent. You can call us on 0844 800 0071 or pop us an email by contacting us here!

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