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so you want to be famous?

How to Become Famous

How to Become Famous

A tongue-in-cheek look to widen your chances of worldwide fame that lasts longer than 15 minutes

Have you noticed how some people seem to be famous for… ummm… how shall we say it?… not doing anything other than turning up in the right place, at the right time, wearing or doing something completely outrageous?

Being famous is no longer a pipe dream. With a bit of hard work and understanding how to manipulate use the media, paparazzi and social media to play the fame game, you too can create a name for yourself in the spotlight, for doing not very much really.

Aside from honing your acting craft and landing that dream role, there are other ways of becoming famous… but it might mean leaving dignity behind.

Expose a little too much (by accident, of course)

People add to their fame and notoriety in all kinds of way. The no-underwear trick for the boys and the girls is always a favourite with the paparazzi and the tabloids.

And the infamous nip-slip or abundance of side boob is always a headline grabber, in newspaper columns at least.

But beware, if you plan on using these quick exposures to land yourself a part in the next Royal Ballet, you may find it counts against you.

And take care because once the power of fame is unleashed, it can be a double-edged sword.

Define the new beautiful

When it comes to defining culture, celebrities have incredible power. Thus, seeing the unshaven armpits of a celebrity on the red carpet whilst wearing an amazing couture gown means the rest of us mere mortals can ditch the razor and opt for au naturel too.

Deciding that you are beautiful and telling everyone about it is a great way of getting famous because you are defining what beautiful is.

Not quite on board with this one? Just look at the ‘big nose’ thing that happened on social media a while back – apparently, it is now OK to have a big nose and be a woman – who would have thought it?!

For a brief moment, all those women with side profile snaps exposing their ‘big’ nose were social media famous because they were telling people they were beautiful.

EVERYTHING you do is interesting

The Kardashians have this one licked and yes, you could follow suit.

Going out for lunch – profile it. Going out for dinner – work it. Going to the clinic for a test – sell it because everything you do is interesting.

Make a scene. Everywhere. You. Go.

Make everything bigger than it needs to be because when you exaggerate, people look, people stare, people want to know who you are, what you are doing.

Go viral

Scandal is always good for business or being scandalous is. Now take care with this one because you don’t want a libel or slander suit against you.

Take to Twitter – always a great platform for courting or starting controversy – and start commenting. Don’t troll but say you hate stuff/love stuff that is the opposite to common, accepted and tolerated opinion.

Try it and you’ll see what we mean…

Or, register with We’ve Got Talent

From walk-on extras to performers, we have people with all kinds of fantastic talent and we find that this method of finding fame and recognition is much easier to handle – and much more satisfying.

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