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CASE STUDY – Making the Point on Equal Pay Day 2019

There are still no sectors in the UK economy in which women are paid the same as men.

Let that information sink in for a minute and consider what that really means. The statistics for pay in the UK based on gender still shows that women are paid less than men. On average, women are paid 11.9% less than men in the UK.

In other countries, this disparity is much wider. In the US, women are paid, on average, $80 less for doing the same job in the same industry with the same employer.

As we know, there have been all kinds of laws and regulations to stamp this out but it remains an issue, and one that can cost employers dearly. A female BBC worker won £130,000 after discovering that 15 men in the corporation were paid more than her for doing exactly the same job.

There are many reasons why this keeps happening, including unconscious bias, something that Equal Pay Day, an annual awareness campaign, wants to quash.

Equal Pay Day 2019 was held on April 2 and the team at We’ve Got Talent was involved in a promotional film that aims to highlight just some of the problems with this pay gap.

The project: four comedic actors for a spoof film that would be launched via a popular website to highlight the reasons behind Equal Pay Day.

The people: as well as comedic actors, the client wants three male and one female actor to take on the roles for the film. The male actors were to be three ‘city boys’ with ‘typical’ traits such as being well dressed and loaded but not enjoying their luxury lifestyle. The female actor was to play the wife of one of the characters.

The film: filmed as a spoof, the actors were given a script and an outline of their character within which to develop their characters ready for filming. As a spoof, it needed to be both funny but without losing the message.

Once filmed and edited, the film would be released on the popular news, technology and lifestyle website Short List on Equal Pay Day on Tuesday, April 2nd 2019.

The outcome: the spoof film was made and appeared on time to promote the idea that equal pay is not a privilege but a right. Given plenty of information beforehand, our four comedic actors were able to create believable characters (even for a spoof!) but were also able to get across the important messages behind the day.

And, as you would expect, all our actors were paid the same daily rate for completing this piece of work.

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