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Why should you consider being an extra_ (1)

Why should you consider being an extra?

Why should you consider being an extra?

The lead roles are the most desired positions in many productions from film, TV, commercial or theatre. Though these roles are often very specific as the producers are looking for a certain talent or demographic to fill these roles, this means that your chance of landing it can be very slim. Though working extra roles, you can help build your portfolio and stand out from the crowd you are in.

What is the difference between an extra and other role?

As an extra you will often be in the background, which you might notice in most productions such as a member of the public walking across the street, a zombie in a herd chasing the to protagonists or a fan in the crowd cheering on the team. These roles often do not come with dialogue, though there are also at times where you may be provided a few short lines, which will be your moment to shine!

You can learn on the job!

Everyone has to start somewhere, and extra roles is a good way to learn the ropes – as you spend a lot of time on set, you will get to experience how the crew and production teams work with each other, you’ll get to perhaps pick up some tips from the lead roles. The more time you spend, the mor comfortable you will feel in these situations, allowing you to elevate yourself into stardom.

Everyday is a different day.

As there are more opportunities to find extra work, you will find yourself working on vast range of different productions, from low budget indie films to larger budget and bigger productions – you’ll notice a difference in how they operate. Meanwhile, you will also be working in different scenarios, which will always keep every day a school day.

Keep on networking.

During your time on set, you might start to build professional relationships with people who are also doing extra work, they might have some tips for you or be able to help you secure a better role. In the same respect you can also start to network with the production teams, from costume artists to even the director (though make sure you do it with respect).

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