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photographic background extrasHair & Beauty Product – Social Media Campaign

One of our most favourite shoots that we have provided background artists and models for when we provided 20 extras for a social media campaign promoting a new range of hair and beauty products. The client was looking for 10 people to act as beauty therapists and 10 as hairdressers. Due to the wealth of extras on our database, the majority of the people they booked actually had real life experience either in the beauty and hair industry. This shone beautifully through the camera, with all of them looking like they were in their natural environment creating the setting that our client was looking for.

We received a very comprehensive brief (which we absolutely love), that detailed exactly what type of female extras they were looking for. Using these details our bookings department ran the necessary castings and started contacting our background artists to check their availability. With the shoot being highly desirable, we were overwhelmed with the amount of applicants. The castings team then hand selected roughly 40 performers and models that they felt matched the look as detailed on the brief. They then collated a presentation of their headshots for the client to then select from. Our client then confirmed back to us exactly who it was that they wanted, we then booked them for the shoot. As always the successful artists were very excited!

Due to the number of actresses hired we assigned one of our internal team to be the event manager, they are the point of contact for the WGT staff. Any questions the extras may have will be diverted to them. The event manager will make themselves known to the client and gather information that will answer questions like, ‘Where’s the toilet?’, ‘Where can I leave my belongings?’ etc. This leaves the crew members free then to focus entirely on the shoot.
Overall the event went very well, the client got the footage they needed to promote their product and we received fantastic feedback from the actresses who loved every minute of it!

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